Can Adjustable Beds Help with Back Pain?

Back pain can affect so many parts of your life, but especially how well you sleep. If back pain is something that you experience, you know that the way you sleep at night plays a pretty big role in what your pain levels are the next day. Unfortunately for some, treatment options, and effectiveness, for this type of pain can vary. Investing in an adjustable bed might be the answer you’re looking for though! Here are a couple reasons why you should consider buying an adjustable bed if you experience back discomfort while you sleep.

How an Adjustable Bed Eases Back Pain

Supports Your Back

Sleeping on an adjustable bed gives you the opportunity to sleep on an incline with constant support from your mattress. Many people think that this can be accomplished with their knees or pillows and blankets, but in fact, the uneven support of these “solutions” could end up making your back pain worse over time. Using an adjustable bed is more likely to give your back the support and alignment it needs throughout the night.

Reduces Joint Compression

Sometimes flat mattresses can make your back problems worse by not aligning your spine in the right way, or by putting pressure on your joints. Adjustable beds can give you the control so that you can find the best position that gives you the maximum comfort for your specific needs. The incline options for head and feet can often ease pressure in a way that regular beds can’t do.

Sleeping on an Incline

Slightly elevating your upper back and your knees with an adjustable mattress can help take the weight off of your spin and distribute it more evenly to reduce pain. In addition to helping back pain, sleeping on an incline can have a few other health benefits too. One of the biggest is that it can help with sleep apnea and snoring. A few studies have also found that elevating the head during sleep can help GERD symptoms and may also help to prevent glaucoma from progressing.

Back Conditions That May Benefit from an Adjustable Bed


Osteoarthritis comes from the general wear and tear of joint cartilage and is one of the more common types of arthritis. While sleeping on an adjustable bed will not cure your osteoarthritis, it can help you manage the pain that comes with it. Using an adjustable bed with a firm memory foam mattress can help relieve some of your pain and help you get more restful sleep during the night.

Spinal Stenosis

Spinal stenosis, the result of the narrowing of the spaces in the spine, generally shows itself through pain while walking that normally goes away when you sit down. Spinal stenosis pain can sometimes be reduced by leaning forward instead of staying straight. So by using an adjustable mattress, people with this condition can find support in an upright position that reduces the pressure on the vertebrae that are causing this discomfort.

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Degenerative spondylolisthesis is when a vertebra out of place and rests against the vertebra below it which can cause pain in your legs. This condition is more common in people in their fifties and older. To relieve some of this pain, an adjustable bed can be used to help these people find a sleeping position that lowers their levels of discomfort.


People with sciatica often have pain that moves throughout their body which causes a lot of discomfort, especially in the back the legs. Since the pain associated with sciatica normally stays around the leg area, these sleepers might benefit more from raising their knees with an adjustable mattress.

Herniated Disc

A herniated disc can cause pain that can interrupt your normal activities, but also your sleep . A mattress with good pressure relief that can keep your spine in a neutral position is best for people with a herniated disc.

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