Malouf Fine Linens

From Malouf’s inception in a two-bedroom apartment, to today’s multi-national, one-million square-foot presence, their attention to detail has them who they are today.

While in college, their founders, Sam & Kacie Malouf, wanted upscale bedding. When realizing the cost, they set out to find a way to experience luxurious sleep at a lower price. Their passion led them to discover where and how to create high quality products at an affordable cost. Malouf was created as the result of their desire to share this discovery.

Because each aspect of every product was highly considered, their reputation quickly elevated. Retailers and consumers recognized detail in their award-winning product packaging, pricing and quality. If it is bedding related, Malouf makes it. Pillows, sheets, comforters, bed frames, and much more. Check out our FREE BAMBOO SHEET promo today!